Life Expectancy in Oklahoma

We hear about the health issues in the state of Oklahoma all the time, from poor eating habits and lack of exercise to excessive tobacco use. But what kind of effect do those have on life expectancy in Oklahoma? How long do Oklahomans live compared to elsewhere in the nation?

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington analyzed data on the life expediencies of every single county in the United States. Entitled, “Falling Behind: life expectancy in U.S. counties from 2000 to 2007 in an international context,” the study includes the most up to date information available and also compares current data to 1987 statistics.

Here is a summary of life expectancy information for the United States, the state of Oklahoma, and metro-area counties:

National Life Expectancy

Males – 75.6 (4.3 change from 1987)
Females – 80.8 (2.4 change from 1987)

Oklahoma Life Expectancy

Males – 72.8 (1.1 change from 1987)
Females – 77.9 (-0.6 change from 1987)

Life Expectancy by Oklahoma City Metro-Area County

  • Oklahoma County
    Males – 73.2 (2.5 change from 1987)
    Females – 78.8 (1.1 change from 1987)
  • Canadian County
    Males – 75.7 (2.7 change from 1987)
    Females – 79.9 (0.4 change from 1987)
  • Cleveland County
    Males – 75 (1.6 change from 1987)
    Females – 79.8 (0.9 change from 1987)

Other Oklahoma Life Expectancy Notables

Comparing the 77 counties in the state of Oklahoma, men live the longest in Payne (76.2) and Canadian counties (75.7) while Grant, Noble, Washington and Woodward counties all come in over 80 for women. The life expectancy in Oklahoma is lower than every one of our neighboring states. Texas, for example, is at 75.3 for males and 80.4 for females.

See a detailed news release about the study, with a link to download the full life expectancy statistics. Also, here’s a stunning visualization of the data.

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